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Op-Ed: Maryland needs a new plan for economic development

August 22, 2012

The state should aggressively market itself to foreign investors

Maryland’s economy is headed in the wrong direction. While the unemployment rate here is better than the national average, it remains high at 6.9 percent. What’s more, Maryland actually lost 11,000 jobs in the month of June, the third highest loss in the country. With its natural resources and highly educated workforce, Maryland should be booming, not receding. What our state needs is a new vision to catapult its huge potential into a global reality.

Going global is the key. Thanks to our highly-ranked schools and universities, Maryland has a knowledge-based economy. But we can do even more to establish industrial hubs around nanotechnology, human genomics, cyber-security and health care and cancer research. We should also aggressively recruit investors from abroad to finance these enterprises. Continue reading “Op-Ed: Maryland needs a new plan for economic development” »